(Click Image to the Left to Download) Banana Assassin is an app about fruit killers. I guess that is the simple definition. Banana Assassin is an Android app where you play on a 2d field as a pixely banana with a pistol and some grenades. Your goal is to murder as many zombies as you can without dieing. As you go the zombies will come faster and faster. They will start droping powerups that give you uzis, shotguns, more grenades, and more ammo. You can also shake to control an earthquake that will kill all the zombies. "Tank" zombies spawn with massive amounts of health and will be hard to defeat. As you fight the zombies if you are able to get away for just a second or two you can regenerate some of your health to continue playing. But if you die, it's all over, but if you did well enough you can save a highscore and try to defeat God.